When and where will the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (APMCDRR) take place in 2022?

  • The Conference will be held from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 September 2022 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Is the reference to Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (APMCDRR) the same as the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR)?

  • Yes. The conference has been renamed to better reflect its focus on both Asia and the Pacific.

What language will be used during the Conference?

  • The Conference will be conducted in English. All official documentation and applications will also be provided in English.
  • Interpreting services will not be provided. Should delegations wish to bring their own interpreters and require additional interpretation equipment, they should submit a request by contacting the Conference Organisers at register@ccm.com.au.

What is the dress code for the Conference?

  • The dress code for all summit sessions and events is business attire.



How do I register?

How much will registration for APMCDRR 2022 cost?

  • As is the custom for APMCDRR, registration for the conference will be free of charge.

What is included in my registration?

  • Your registration includes access to all open sessions and catering during session breaks throughout the event. It does not include travel or accommodation costs for your time in Brisbane (unless you have been notified otherwise).

How do I register my accessibility or dietary requirements?

  • Delegates are requested to notify the Conference organisers of any special requirements (such as dietary or mobility) in advance in order to ensure an appropriate level of support is provided. This information can be entered into the registration system when registering for the Conference.

I have registered for the Conference but can no longer attend. How do I cancel my registration?


Conference Program


What will be discussed at APMCDRR 2022?

  • Discussions will focus on topics under the Conference theme, ‘From Crisis to Resilience: Transforming the Asia-Pacific Region’s future through disaster risk reduction’. Learn more about the APMCDRR themes on the Conference themes page.

When will the conference program and speakers be published?

  • The full conference program will be published in July 2022. Speaker announcements will be made progressively in the lead up to the conference in September.




What happens if the conference can’t be held in person in September 2022?

  • In the event that the Conference isn’t able to take place in person, it will be held in a virtual format.

Can I join the conference virtually even if it takes place in person?

What COVID-19 protocols will be in place for the Conference?

  • APMCDRR is a COVID Safe Event. By scanning your QR code and printing a name badge, you agree to the below terms of entry:
    • I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (note: this is a requirement of entry into the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre)
    • I do not have any COVID symptoms
    • I have not been to any COVID hotspots in the past 14 days
    • My personal details may be provided to authorities, should they be requested.
  • To ensure the safety of yourself and others, please do not attend the event if:
    • You have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19
    • You are an active COVID-19 case
    • You are currently, or have you recently experienced cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath.
    • You have been to any COVID hotspots in the past 14 days
  • If you have answered yes to any of the above terms, please stay home and join virtually live or on-demand at any time for 90 days after the conference. You will be refused entry to the event and referred to first aid, medical or in-event health services if available.


Travel logistics


How do I get to Brisbane?

Where do I stay?

Do I need a visa?

  • All visitors to Australia require a valid visa to enter the country. For further information about the visa options for the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction please see this Visa Information Factsheet [PDF and Word].
  • Visitors are recommended to apply for their Australian visas 8 to 10 weeks prior to their intended dates of travel.
  • Delegations are responsible for ensuring they have the correct visa for travel to Australia and for payment of the visa.

Will I need to quarantine in Australia? How do I prove my COVID-19 vaccination status?

Are there any restrictions on what I can bring into Australia for my marketplace exhibit or event?

  • Participants wishing to bring equipment to Australia on a temporary basis will need to organise clearance with the Department of Home Affairs and Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

  • For information to assist importers of temporary goods, please visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website.




Will there be photography and videography at the event?

  • Photographs and recordings taken by official event photographer(s) will appear in social media and in event-related publications during and after the event. If you do not wish to appear in such images or recordings, please notify the photographer onsite.
  • The event host organisers and managers cannot be held responsible for images and recordings taken or made by any persons other than the official photographers and event staff.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

  • We’re here to help. Submit an enquiry on our Contact Us page.