Sessions and exhibits


The Conference will feature three 90-minute plenary sessions, with one focused on each of the three conference pillars:

  • Investing in Resilience and Preparedness
  • Shock-proofed Infrastructure and Systems
  • Resilient Communities

Learn more about the conference pillars.

Working sessions

Working sessions will focus on strategic and policy-related challenges structured around the three APMCDRR pillars, and will form the core of the substantive deliberations.

The twelve 90-minute sessions will be specifically curated and designed to provide interactive and in-depth discussions on key challenges and lessons learned, and will comprise a moderator and panellists.

Spotlight events

Highlighting a series of cross-cutting themes throughout the conference, the ten spotlight events will be 60-minute interactive discussions that focus on solutions-oriented case studies and best practice examples.

Partner events

Hosted by participating organisations, partner events will cover a series of topics that link to the 2022 APMCDRR theme – ‘From Crisis to Resilience: Transforming the Asia-Pacific Region’s future through disaster risk reduction’. Up to 18 partner events will run parallel to the main sessions of the conference and will be 60 minutes in duration.

Ignite stage

The Ignite Stage provides a platform to engage, inspire change, share and learn so we can all accelerate disaster risk reduction and build greater resilience. With 15 minutes to present, up to 35 Ignite Stage sessions will be held in a TED-talk format, using a range of presenting modes.

Learning Labs

The Learning Lab is a dedicated space to actively share good practices and to learn from each other on innovative approaches for implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Up to 9 labs will facilitate small groups of peer-to-peer learning in a low-pressure environment. Learning Labs will be 90 minutes in duration.


The Marketplace will form the heart of the conference. It will be a place where we can meet, connect and collaborate with each other. With up to 60 exhibitors, multiple meeting hubs, an Ignite Stage and an array of displays, it will be a hive of activity during the conference.

Pacific Pavilion

APMCDRR will feature a collaborative learning and engagement space that showcases the scientific and technical innovations that have been created to reduce disaster risk in the Pacific. It will support increased learning on disaster risk reduction strategies for Asia-Pacific delegates from all stakeholder groups.