Get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved in APMCDRR 2022:


Register to attend

Join us in Brisbane as a domestic delegate, international delegate or a media representative. 


Host a Partner Event

Engage with participants in a meaningful, purposeful discussion about inspiring change to reduce risk to disasters.

Have a topic or session that you would like to host?

Your event should focus on topics that link to the 2022 theme - From Crisis to Resilience: Transforming the Asia-Pacific Region’s future through disaster risk reduction.

These events are 60 minutes in duration and run parallel to the main sessions of the conference.

As there are only 18 slots for partner events, you may be asked to merge your proposed event with other organisations to enable maximum content coverage.

For more information, ​​​​before applying please see the Partner Events Guidance Note (PDF or Word).  

Apply to host an event by 22 May.

Present on the Ignite Stage

Want to share your project, initiative or discuss a disaster risk reduction idea?

The Ignite Stage provides a platform to engage, inspire change, share and learn so we can all accelerate disaster risk reduction and build greater resilience.

With 15 minutes to present, talks are organised in a TED-talk format, using the presenting mode of your preference. Spots are limited to 30-35 presentations.

For more information ​​​​before applying, please see the Ignite Stage Guidance Note (PDF or Word). 

Apply to present on the Ignite stage by 22 May.


Host a Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a dedicated space to actively share good practices and to learn from each other on innovative approaches for implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Over the course of 90 minutes, the nine labs will facilitate small groups of peer-to-peer learning in a low-pressure environment.

For more information ​​​​before applying, please see the Learning Lab Guidance Note (PDF or Word). 

Apply to host one of nine APMCDRR Learning Labs by 22 May.


Run a booth in the Marketplace

The Marketplace will form the heart of the conference. It will be a place where we can meet, connect and collaborate with each other.

With up to 60 exhibitors, multiple meeting hubs, an Ignite Stage and an array of displays, it will be a hive of activity during the conference.

Showcase your organisation’s experience in disaster risk reduction and connect directly to participants.

For more information ​​​​before applying, please see the Marketplace Guidance Note (PDF or Word). 

Apply to host a marketplace exhibit by 22 May.


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